Monday, August 24, 2009

100 days til Dec 1st!

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Someone in a live online chat tonight mentioned that it's 100 day's until December 1st! How amazing is that? We're here trying to make the very best of the waning summer sun and already starting to think about the winter time holiday. Go figure! lol

I'm always looking ahead to the Christmas concerts and services. Not really unusal for a church musician. lol

I was wondering about how I could mark the days so here's goes. One more challenge to keep me focused and on track!

100 days of least 30 min. So, I commit to doing some sort of exercise each and every day for the next 100!!

Today is day #1! I swam and played in the pool for over half an hour. Great upper and lower body workout for me. Don't get too excited. The picture here is not of my pool. I'll post a recent one in a day or so.

Off to find my pillow and a good night's sleep. I need to be ready to get my exercise in tomorrow. Right?!

Til again,

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Sunday, August 9, 2009

I'm a movie star!!!

Well not really. lol

Go to the Green Smoothie Blog to see a video I had made during my Green Smoothie Party last March. Way too much fun!

Click on the Green Smoothie Challenge on my side bar to sign up for the Second Annual International Green Smoothie Day Challenge!!

I'm definitely there!!