Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Moving forward...

Well friends this is not something I normally do but here I go anyway.

The previous post was of a beautiful baby alpaca shawl that I spent time creating this spring and summer. I've decided to offer it for auction/sale on Ebay. Click here to check it out and possibly offer a bid!

I didn't realize how nice the shawl was until I draped it across my shoulders and felt the fabric on my back. (yes, that's me in the picture lol)

Off to do some spinning and more knitting.

Til again,
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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

What I did this summer

an AlpacaImage via Wikipedia

I am so happy to have finished this special shawl! I can't remember how many times I started, stopped and tried again until I got just the right pattern. Lace knitting is so beautiful but definitely trying at times. The yarn is a baby alpaca and feels wonderfully soft. Fun, isn't it? lol
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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Right on track!

Spinning wool on a great wheel at a demonstrat...Image via Wikipedia

Quick post to let you know I'm right on track with the Tour de Fleece! I've only missed one day of spinning since this challenge started. Also, since my foot continues to heal (finally, pun intended) I'm able to use my spinning wheel.

Not to self: when skeining my yarn try to note whether it was wheel or spindle spun and if on the spindle which one. At least that way I'd have a better chance of recreating the yarn when needed. lol

Off to find my pillow and some sweet dreams tonight.!

Mango and smoothie coming up for breakfast in about 8 hours.

Til again,

** picture of wheel and spinner unknown

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Friday, July 3, 2009

Le Tour de Fleece

Tour <span class=de France" style="border: medium none ; display: block;" width="193" height="193">Image via Wikipedia

Le Tour de Fleece

It's been a long time since I joined a fiber challenge but with having the month of July to myself I figured it would be fun.

My challenge to spin every day from July 4th to July 26th. I have lots and lots of fiber to spin.

Due to my foot injury and it's slow healing process, much of the spinning will be done with a spindle. Not a bad thing really. I enjoy my spindles.

Currently I'm working on a fleece to shawl project. The fleece is a grey/black icelandic that I purchased from a local farm a year ago. I'm doing a navajo ply then dying it with a red food colouring. So far it's looking pretty good. The pattern is Cold Mountain. Their picture show's this in lace weight but mine will be a bit heavier than that.

I'll let you know how I make out. Pictures to follow.

Following down my Diva path....

The Cozy Coaches, of The Raw Divas, have been working together since last December and are really excited to be presenting a new recipe book very, very soon. Details to follow!!

I'm doing well making sure that I take in more greens and more fresh fruit and veggies. This is always a bit of a struggle for me since I truly am a fan of all breads! lol I'm looking forward to the upcoming Body Enlightenment System that will start mid July. Click the banner at the top of my blog for more info. One of the benefits is that once you purchase the program you have it for life and are always invited back, free, for the live events. This July marks my first year anniversary with the BES! I am excited!!

For today I'm looking forward to getting into the pool but with the current rain it's not overly inviting.

Off to plan my afternoon and evening. Perhaps I need to wash some more fleece to prep for spinning! lol

Til again,