Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A fly by post!

Hi everyone!

If you've ever wondered what I sound like here is your chance. Last week I was interviewed by Sheralee Faull of The Raw Divas You can find the interview in the latest edition of Health in High Heels. This is a free newsletter. I talk about music, my goals for the year and life in general. This interview is one of many that will introduce everyone to a number of us Raw Divas.

I'm so surprised that I'm not running around frantically getting ready for the big day on the 25Th. Basically what I have done is what is getting done. I'm relaxing and taking care of me. A good idea? I think so.

Well, I am off and running. Need to go and pick up a few groceries for me and my bunnies. lol

What are you doing today to take of you?

Enjoy the day.
Til again,

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