Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Weekly Video Blog #3

Here's week 3 coming to you! :)

  Enjoy your week and your own journey on whatever path you are taking!



  1. Great report, Miss Doll. I am very happy for you! I am also making a green smoothie at night, too to take with me in the morning for work. It really works for me. I've had a green smoothie every day and one big salad for lunch at work. The nights are not too great, yet. But that will come!

    It's still over 100 degrees all this week (106 F. today, which is 41 C.), and I am just not motivated to get dressed and go to the gym to sweat! It will come as it becomes fall (about late October!).

    Remember: a hike of 1,000 miles starts with one step! You have taken 3, now! Great job, Doll! Biggest hugs, RickiRaspberry

  2. Thanks so much RickiRaspberry! Your words of encouragement inspire me. I can't imagine heat this late in the season. I'm been thinking soups all week! Haven't made my smoothie yet tonight...better get that done. Good job on yours!! Keep it up.

  3. You go girl!! 21 days is amazing! You're kicking butt!!