Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Wonderful Wednesday!

....and it is!!

It's warm, windy and wonderful!

I've decided that I'll do a video on Tuesdays, to keep it new and fresh.

Progress with this kind of a lifestyle change may be slow from time to time and that's something I need to accept. Weight will melt away, inches will decrease all the while my staying power will increase. I need that statement in the present tense!

Weight is melting away; inches are decreasing all the while my staying power is increasing.

There, much much better! I need to see all of this as happening NOW not in some far off future!

One of the many steps I'm taking is in retreading old recipes and making them tasty, fun and raw!

This is what my raw-nola looked like when it was finished dehydrating. So yummy!!

I've always enjoyed morning cereal and have been searching for just
the right combo that would work for me and my feisty taste buds.

This along with some fresh almond milk did the trick.

If you want the recipe leave a comment on the blog and I'll send it along to you.

Wonderful Wednesday? Around me today the green garden, brilliant morning glories, and sparkling pool all put me in that wonderful space in my head!

How about you? What makes today wonderful for you?

Til tomorrow,

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