Wednesday, February 6, 2013

My 40 Day Intention Experiment

As part of my morning routine I set my intention for the day. Some days the process is quick and easy; others, not so much. I find that if I refer back to those intentions throughout the day I am more productive and in the long run a much happier person. With Lent just around the corner I've decided to create an online "Intention Experiment". This will include a daily blog post of a single intention for the day. Simple and easy.

I may add some different ideas about to do lists, staying organized with your time and other random thoughts but the focus will be one intention, on day at a time. Why 40 days?

 Forty days is the time of Lent leading up to Resurrection Sunday, Easter. Lent is a time of discernment, reflection, sacrifice and self-discipline. Well, that's how I see Lent in my life. I'm not here to explain the number 40 or Lent but to offer some of my reflections as to how it pertains to my 40 Day Intention Experiment.(google either the number 40 or Lent and you will find all sorts of information and opinions) I leave that to you.

Watch for updates.  I'm really excited to be sharing this part of my journey with many of you.

til again,

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

How will your light shine today?

I'm the first one to walk away from letting my light shine. Recently I had to write about my strengths; my good qualities. Interestingly I find it much easier to write about my short-comings and my weaknesses. Looking at how I feel about myself and what I do in a positive light is not so easy. But here's the question:
Is shrinking back into the shadows serving my higher purpose? Humility is a good thing but like any good thing can be taken too far. Agree? My goal today is to answer the question posed in this post. I will shine today in the loving way I respond to all those people I share communications with. How about you? I encourage you to shine the light of love to those around you. You are special. Be the light for others. Be the hope, love and joy to the world. Go on - smile! Have a light-filled day. Til again, Doll

Monday, March 5, 2012

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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas!

This week has zoomed by. I had plans (oh yes I make plans)but needed to tweak them a bit due to an over-used back. But you know what? Resting, slowing down and even stopping for a short time was what was truly needed.

 This is how I imagine my evenings. A small cabin somewhere nestled in the woods. Maybe not the snow but I'll take it!

I encourage you over the next couple of days of busy-ness to take time to just be; to find that warm, cozy place in your mind.  Remember that you are loved and that you are LOVE.  God is with us and in us; with you and in you.  Honor the great spark of light and love that you are.  Those around you will see this in you.

Be safe, be loved and enjoy the holidays.

In love, peace and joy.