Wednesday, April 30, 2008

End of the Month

Thought I quickly post before I get my day going!

Total lost since January 1st 19.6 pounds! My target was 20 so very, very close eh?

I'm really happy with that number. My body is slowly changing as I get rid of all the bad toxins inside of me. This week I am eating mostly raw (more than 70%), no salt and no caffeine. Big step for me. I've been caffeine free since Sunday morning and have not picked up the salt shaker or had processed foods that contain a lot of salt. The result, great weight loss.

In April my weight went up and down a lot so I'm glad that it settled in the down part.

Up for May? More raw fruits and vegetables, continuing to minimize salt and caffeine.

Next step, more exercise.

I know I can do this!

Have a terrific day!


Monday, April 28, 2008

Great Weekend

We had a wonderful, exciting, fun-filled weekend! This is a picture of part of the back wall of the church. We had some really talented people put many hours into creating out set designs etc.

Nick (beside me) played Pharoah! A great role!

Don't you think we had fun? My role? Director and pianist. Cast of characters included Miriam, Moses, Aaron, Joshua, many Hebrew Slaves, Palace Princesses, many dancers etc etc etc. Not going to include pics of them here since I don't yet have their permission.

My daughter, Katie, was our resident "RAPPER GIRL" She did an amazing job and learned it all in only 2 weeks!

I'll share more pics as they become available.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A quick note

...before I head off to bed. What a great but busy week this has been. The musical will be presented Saturday evening, Sunday morning and Sunday afternoon. The cast and singers have all worked very hard to bring the story of Moses to life. So much fun. Hope to post a couple of pics tomorrow.

A continued new look for me. Today I picked up my new glasses. Time for my age to show...or not...I know am a proud wearer of bi-focals. They are progressives so no lines but getting used to them is interesting. I haven't had new glasses in so very long...almost feels like a treat for me. One thing for sure, my night vision is drastically improved. Now, reading the music at the piano is still an issue but I'm sure I'll get used to it.

Lots of great healthy food for me today. I'm feeling tired but good.

I like feeling "good" when I go to bed. There's a peacefulness that comes with it that envelopes me much like the flannel sheet that I love.

So, with flannel around you or not...sweet dreams!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Spring has sprung!

I'm just so excited by the fact that the snow is finally gone from our yard. Seems like a major miracle for sure!
Here you have the before and after picture of our pool. With the help of Katie (daughter 22) Nick and I were able to pull the cover off the pool on Saturday.

What was hilarious was me shovelling snow off the edge of the cover while wearing shorts!

This is the "new" me taken just before lunch today. I definitely need another taken sans laundry. lol I got my hair cut last Friday. Since I arrived here in June 2006 my hair has lost 24 inches plus! Big change for me.

The past week I lost 5 pounds but then I had gained 5 pounds a couple of weeks ago so it's all balanced.

My weight loss is due to my significant cut in sodium! This is something I track each day. If I keep my levels low then I lose weight. Pretty simple formula eh? Well, it works for me right now!

And, lets face it....what is NOW is what's really important. Right?

Let me know what you think.

Have a super terrific day!

Monday, April 14, 2008

To be or....

Each day I rise, give thanks for the day, tell myself I'm having a great day and I face what's coming at me.

Last Friday I took a huge leap, at least for me. I had my eyes checked for new glasses. I'm not sure but could have easily been 12 years since my last check so it was definitely time. The's time for bifocals. I sure hope when I get them that my reading at the piano is easier. I've been having a difficult time seeing the music and between you and me...I'm not really good at making things up.

My program has been all over the map this weekend. Not really sure what's going on inside of me but whatever it is it had better stop. What with the pre-menopausal stuff and the stress of performance I just just can't keep track any more.

So the question is: "To be on program or not" To be on which program...or not! Do I choose my favorite healthy foods or sink down to what is most comforting at the moment.

See...way too many questions for me right now. Far too many least about food. I don't like being so, dare I say, anal about it. Am I in control of my life or is my diet in control of my life. UGH!!! See what I mean?

The week will roll along as it always does. My questions will still be or....and at the end of the week I will still be me. The sun will still shine and the earth will continue on it's own journey. Hey folks...this is not life or death, at least not now. I am taking care of business in the best way I can.

Perhaps after some really good rest I'll see the "being" of my life much clearer.

What do you think?

Friday, April 11, 2008

It's Friday and it's snowing!

OK, so I can hardly believe it. I went for a quick walk this the snow. The temp is right around the freezing mark so it was not nice fluffy snow..more like ice pellets. Not nice! Well, at least I went for a walk. Right?

Some days I really get tired of defending myself, my actions or lack of activity. Yes it was a short walk but it was something. Yes, my calories yesterday were low but the food choices were healthy. I knew when I put this blog out on the airways that it could be poo-pooed because I don't do enough. I could lie and write only the good days or make up the good days but that's not my intent. My writing is about me and sometimes about my creativity. Of course, it's also about accountability which is why I'm honest when I track my calories, weight etc.

SO, I straighten my back, wipe off my shoulders and let the negative fall like off a duck's back. Some of you know my struggles; some of you don't care; some of you care deeply. I will continue on my journey, surrounding myself with loving and positive people.
My stats for Thursday:


2 day in calorie range 1139 (my appetite was next to nothing)
0 day exercise
15 days vitamins
2 days 8 glasses of water
2 day in sodium range 1262 (the top of my range is 2400)

The routine at home is often changing as outside commitments change. This week has been no different. With the arrival of my 22 year old daughter our lives have been enriched and livened up some. She's staying with us during a work program here in Ottawa but hopes to teach at the school for the blind in Brantford, ON next fall so will move then. Work programs are a wonderful way for students to learn their trade BUT it's very difficult for them to do this full time without pay. She just completed her final semester at college and of course running low on funds. She will find some part-time work to make up her short fall but again, for only 3 months it's a tough go. Either way, we are very happy to have Katie staying with us even for a short time.

I'm heading into my Friday staying calm, cool and collected. I have numerous rehearsals this weekend, students to teach tonight, a fun evening at the race track with my boss and dear friend (part of her advertising) and some time to tidy up the chateau. (OK, so it's not a castle but it definitely is a home)

Take care all!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Mid Week...again!

Well, Wednesday is almost over and I'm bushed. Rehearsals were gruelling tonight. Intense work yielding wonderful results. The music is challenging. When the choir members rise to meet the challenge then the music is awesome!

My stats for today:

215.8 (up some but coming back down)

1 day in calorie range 1354
1 day exercise
14 days vitamins
1 day 8 glasses of water
1 day in sodium range 1031
exercise: 25 min walk to work
2 hours walking at the restaurant (very busy day..great people)

These are very specific numbers which help me to see where I'm heading. This journey is all about the travel plan; the map. I create my "map" for the following day just before I head to bed. Courtesy of Google desktop I have my list right in front of me every time I sit down at the pc.

Back is still not back to it's normal self. Sitting at the piano for 3 hours doesn't help the situation at all. I work at changing my position and standing when I can but for the most part I'm seated.

Off to bed. I really need a good night's sleep. Sweet dreams to me and all of you!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

When confusion strikes...

Well friends, it's happened. I've totally lost my focus and continue to be in a state of confusion. So many options; so many choices. Mind boggling and numbing at the same time, I just can't make decisions and certainly not clear ones.

My days start well but slowly go down hill. Mostly due to fatigue. I put out so much energy when I teach and lead that my inner voice just caves.

So, my choices are not great and I'm left with guilt. (if you'd like specifics just send me an email)

As I continue to write I see that my focus isn't totally lost just moved. With 3 performances coming up the end of the month and a major concert just one week later...well I'm sure you can see why my mind isn't totally on my program or plan. And, let's not even talk about how this all makes me anxious and nervous. OH yes, it's all very exciting. The adrenaline rush as rehearsals build and become more refined. The constant questioning...will the music be ready? will the leads actually show up for the next rehearsal? will I be able to follow the ever changing script and make my cues...on time? will I manage another rehearsal with teenage girls who'd rather giggle and talk about their hair...without pulling mine out???

My day closes as I place my mind and heart in a quiet place; calming river and shining water. I find the peace coming slowly but surely and I'm ready for a night's sleep.

May you all find your pillows and sleep the sweet sleep that brings rest and refreshment. I know mine will be welcome.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

A new day

Wow, I think spring is really on it's way. There's still way too much snow in my yard but for the first time this season I heard a robin this morning. You have no idea how that warmed my heart. Yesterday my husband, Nick, said that he and his buddy saw a Heron out at the sugar bush. They're late returning this year but a welcoming sight for sure!

I've done it! I've been able to refuse the second cup of coffee now for a week. I have my first cup in the morning and that's all. That's a really huge step for me and one I'm very excited about.


Weight: 212 down 16 since Jan. 1st 2008

My plan:

  • Mostly resting today and tomorrow. I've been off from the restaurant all week to recover from my injured back.
  • I have a quick trip planned to IKEA. Way too much fun. The walking will be good for me.
  • 3 students this evening
  • Sr. Choir
For me:
  • my water is set out to remind me to drink lots
  • lots of fruit and veggies on the menu
  • spinning and knitting
  • yoga (for stretching)
  • walking
Has spring arrived for you?

Have a terrific day.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Short Post

I've been home for about 3/4 hour and thought I'd quickly update here.

I'm short:
  • sleep
  • cash
  • creative thinking
I'm not short:
  • in gratitude
  • in love
  • abundant living
That's it for today folks...see you a short........

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April showers bring.....

Well...could be showers, more sunlight, return of the robins, etc. What does April bring your way?

From my Tools to Life action plan I have the following rule of 20 daily activities :

  • 1. Eat 5 veggies
  • 2. Use my Richard Simmons food mover (track all my food)
  • 3. 60 min physical activity
  • 4. brush my teeth 3x
  • 5. plan my menus
  • 6. in bed my mid-night
  • 7. Limit chocolate to 1 serving
  • 8. evening tai chi or qigong
  • 9. morning yoga
  • 10. journal
  • 11. shower
  • 12. limit 1 cup coffee
  • 13. no frozen dairy
  • 14. rise and shine 8:30
  • 15. 64 oz water
  • 16. popcorn for treats
  • 17. vitamins
  • 18. EFT
  • 19. bible study and meditation
  • 20. email Nick

This may look like a long list but some of these things I'm doing already. By following this plan my body will show the progress I wish it to.

The following is my affirmation:

I am 5lbs lighter and have more energy. I get out of bed in the morning feeling well rested and ready to face the day. My clothes are feeling loose and fitting better. My head is clear; my purpose strong and sure.

This is obviously very personal to me and my present needs. If you have any questions about any of the items on the list please let me know.

Sending you "Showers of Blessings!"