Friday, April 11, 2008

It's Friday and it's snowing!

OK, so I can hardly believe it. I went for a quick walk this the snow. The temp is right around the freezing mark so it was not nice fluffy snow..more like ice pellets. Not nice! Well, at least I went for a walk. Right?

Some days I really get tired of defending myself, my actions or lack of activity. Yes it was a short walk but it was something. Yes, my calories yesterday were low but the food choices were healthy. I knew when I put this blog out on the airways that it could be poo-pooed because I don't do enough. I could lie and write only the good days or make up the good days but that's not my intent. My writing is about me and sometimes about my creativity. Of course, it's also about accountability which is why I'm honest when I track my calories, weight etc.

SO, I straighten my back, wipe off my shoulders and let the negative fall like off a duck's back. Some of you know my struggles; some of you don't care; some of you care deeply. I will continue on my journey, surrounding myself with loving and positive people.
My stats for Thursday:


2 day in calorie range 1139 (my appetite was next to nothing)
0 day exercise
15 days vitamins
2 days 8 glasses of water
2 day in sodium range 1262 (the top of my range is 2400)

The routine at home is often changing as outside commitments change. This week has been no different. With the arrival of my 22 year old daughter our lives have been enriched and livened up some. She's staying with us during a work program here in Ottawa but hopes to teach at the school for the blind in Brantford, ON next fall so will move then. Work programs are a wonderful way for students to learn their trade BUT it's very difficult for them to do this full time without pay. She just completed her final semester at college and of course running low on funds. She will find some part-time work to make up her short fall but again, for only 3 months it's a tough go. Either way, we are very happy to have Katie staying with us even for a short time.

I'm heading into my Friday staying calm, cool and collected. I have numerous rehearsals this weekend, students to teach tonight, a fun evening at the race track with my boss and dear friend (part of her advertising) and some time to tidy up the chateau. (OK, so it's not a castle but it definitely is a home)

Take care all!

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  1. wow, Coach Lombardi would make you a co-captain just on attitude. Your attitude feels so good,like a "crack-back" block of a lead guard on an "end around" that springs him for a FIRST DOWN. Truly girl, your a contender, in the best way, like ROCKY.