Thursday, April 3, 2008

A new day

Wow, I think spring is really on it's way. There's still way too much snow in my yard but for the first time this season I heard a robin this morning. You have no idea how that warmed my heart. Yesterday my husband, Nick, said that he and his buddy saw a Heron out at the sugar bush. They're late returning this year but a welcoming sight for sure!

I've done it! I've been able to refuse the second cup of coffee now for a week. I have my first cup in the morning and that's all. That's a really huge step for me and one I'm very excited about.


Weight: 212 down 16 since Jan. 1st 2008

My plan:

  • Mostly resting today and tomorrow. I've been off from the restaurant all week to recover from my injured back.
  • I have a quick trip planned to IKEA. Way too much fun. The walking will be good for me.
  • 3 students this evening
  • Sr. Choir
For me:
  • my water is set out to remind me to drink lots
  • lots of fruit and veggies on the menu
  • spinning and knitting
  • yoga (for stretching)
  • walking
Has spring arrived for you?

Have a terrific day.

1 comment:

  1. WOW, your doing GREEAAATTTT ! Spring must be springing, KEEP IT UP.