Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April showers bring.....

Well...could be showers, more sunlight, return of the robins, etc. What does April bring your way?

From my Tools to Life action plan I have the following rule of 20 daily activities :

  • 1. Eat 5 veggies
  • 2. Use my Richard Simmons food mover (track all my food)
  • 3. 60 min physical activity
  • 4. brush my teeth 3x
  • 5. plan my menus
  • 6. in bed my mid-night
  • 7. Limit chocolate to 1 serving
  • 8. evening tai chi or qigong
  • 9. morning yoga
  • 10. journal
  • 11. shower
  • 12. limit 1 cup coffee
  • 13. no frozen dairy
  • 14. rise and shine 8:30
  • 15. 64 oz water
  • 16. popcorn for treats
  • 17. vitamins
  • 18. EFT
  • 19. bible study and meditation
  • 20. email Nick

This may look like a long list but some of these things I'm doing already. By following this plan my body will show the progress I wish it to.

The following is my affirmation:

I am 5lbs lighter and have more energy. I get out of bed in the morning feeling well rested and ready to face the day. My clothes are feeling loose and fitting better. My head is clear; my purpose strong and sure.

This is obviously very personal to me and my present needs. If you have any questions about any of the items on the list please let me know.

Sending you "Showers of Blessings!"

1 comment:

  1. always have more energy ! Yes April fools has brought me more coffee. April Fools on ME. Congrats on you achievements, and cutting the coffee. I hope your less addicted than me.!

    Good Job