Wednesday, April 30, 2008

End of the Month

Thought I quickly post before I get my day going!

Total lost since January 1st 19.6 pounds! My target was 20 so very, very close eh?

I'm really happy with that number. My body is slowly changing as I get rid of all the bad toxins inside of me. This week I am eating mostly raw (more than 70%), no salt and no caffeine. Big step for me. I've been caffeine free since Sunday morning and have not picked up the salt shaker or had processed foods that contain a lot of salt. The result, great weight loss.

In April my weight went up and down a lot so I'm glad that it settled in the down part.

Up for May? More raw fruits and vegetables, continuing to minimize salt and caffeine.

Next step, more exercise.

I know I can do this!

Have a terrific day!


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