Thursday, March 24, 2011

Back from a long time away.........

Yeh I know, but I am back!

Life has kept me busy and focused on other things but I know that I really need to focus on me for a while. I am once again. Seems like I pick up the pieces from time to time.  Put them down then pick them up again.

Do you ever feel that way?  I'm like that with diet programs, music, knitting projects and more.  I start one then find something that peaks my interest then move over to whatever that is at the time.

This definitely creates variety but also much CONFUSION!  It's time to get rid of the confusion.  It's time to put into action a plan that will work.

When it comes to my body and health this kind of confusion is not good.  My metabolism gets all messed up when I bounce around like that.  The bottom line is that although I'm not gaining weight I'm also not losing.

My intention:  to get to goal weight feeling full of life and energy!

To get there I need to eat lots of greens, balance all my food choices, exercise and get enough sleep.

This is a simple plan that I quite easily make difficult.  I think about it, stew about it and turn it upside down then fall back to old habits.

Are you like this?  Are you able to stay on a give program for long periods of time?  Would love to hear from you.

Enjoy your day!


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Fact vrs Problems

I know, there are many ways to look at facts and problems.  Here's my take today on my own, my current snapshot:


FACT                                                                        PROBLEM

 I am obese                                                               I eat too much
                                                                                I exercise too little

I can change this fact but not without action.  Not without consistant, constant and current action.  It's not what I do tomorrow that will make a difference.  The actions of today, of now, will create the change to my current FACT.

So, today I can:
  1. make good food choices
  2. get some fresh air
  3. move my body

Simple?  YES!!

Today I am filled with dedication, determination and desire!

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