Tuesday, September 25, 2012

How will your light shine today?

I'm the first one to walk away from letting my light shine. Recently I had to write about my strengths; my good qualities. Interestingly I find it much easier to write about my short-comings and my weaknesses. Looking at how I feel about myself and what I do in a positive light is not so easy. But here's the question:
Is shrinking back into the shadows serving my higher purpose? Humility is a good thing but like any good thing can be taken too far. Agree? My goal today is to answer the question posed in this post. I will shine today in the loving way I respond to all those people I share communications with. How about you? I encourage you to shine the light of love to those around you. You are special. Be the light for others. Be the hope, love and joy to the world. Go on - smile! Have a light-filled day. Til again, Doll

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