Sunday, July 10, 2011

I am satisified!

... with what I have, with the person I am, and all that I do.

Day 2:  Be Satisfied With What You Have
That is an affirmation that I use often.   For me, this is the basis of my life.  If I can be satisfied with what I have, then the journey to living small is so much easier AND I love living small.

Currently we're living in a very small 2 bedroom apartment (650 sq.ft)  We've lived in smaller and in much larger but at this size it feels "just right".  Moving from a 3 bedroom, plus extra rooms house, down-sizing was certainly a interesting task. Everything we didn't want we put on the front lawn on online in Free-Cycle  Most things went to new owners and to be honest there's very little of what we left behind that I feel I need or miss.  (except for the in-ground pool - I'll share about that another day)

I have no need to want what others have.  I might desire to replace a very large couch that seems too big for the room and non-too comfortable for my back.

Society gives us so many opportunities to want more; to make us believe we NEED and in fact CANNOT do without more.  The advertising, growing malls and out-let stores, all shiny and new, invite us to come, buy, enjoy and even to the point of pointing out that we cannot live without what they are offering.

How can this be sound teaching?  How can we model a better life for our children while we are running from store to store loading up the car and the credit cards?

Being satisfied with what I have means that I take time to be grateful for the goodness around me.

  1. my loving family and friends
  2. a warm, dry, safe home to live in
  3. fresh fruit and veggies in the fridge
  4. communication devices so that I can keep in touch
  5. my work in music, in ministry and on-line
  6. my body's ability to heal itself
Of course the list could fill the page but I believe you get my drift.

For today:  I will take notice of all the good things around me, enjoying the moments and loving life.  I am truly blessed!!!

Til again,


Saturday, July 9, 2011

Simplify-ing My Life

I just read this:

"To lead a simple life in reasonable comfort, with a minimum of possessions, ranks high among the art of living.  It leaves us the time, resources and freedom of mind we need for the things that give life value:  loving, helping, serving and giving."     -Eknath Easwaran-

Great statement!
This week I picked up 100 Ways to Simplify your Life by Joyce Meyer and am inspired to share my thoughts with you on simplicity and living small.  
So, my goal here is to write each day on the 100 ways that she mentions and to share how I intend to implement those steps.
Day 1:  Doing 1 thing at a time

This is not as simple as it appears.  In a world where multi-tasking is the norm and single-minded focus flows against the crowd I often wonder how I can still my mind and focus on just the moment; the one thing I'm facing.

From listening to music while I work, Facebooking while I listen to a podcast [is facebooking a verb?] to playing a piece of music while watching the choir, the director and paying attention to the 2 year old off to the side who simply can't stay still, this is my "norm".
I love what I do.  I love that I can do many things at a time.  I love that I have a feeling of accomplishment at the end of the day.  What I don't enjoy is the feeling that I have to rush through the things that I do.

I go for a walk with the dog - no time to enjoy the flowers.  Just hurry up and get it done.
I listen to the TV or a podcast - hurry up and get to the point already
Driving to where I need to be - no time to enjoy the scenery  just worry and fret that I might be late.

For Today:

I can do well in many things but if I could focus on one thing at a time how much better would I complete the task?

Does any of this ring true for you?
For today I will be fully present in the moment as I work and play.
Would love to hear how you manage to focus.
Til again,