Sunday, November 30, 2008

End of the year and new beginning!

This may sound strange to some but yesterday was new year's eve in the Christian church calendar making today, 1st Sunday in Advent, New Year's Day!! What a great time to start over!

I'll repeat that: "WHAT A GREAT TIME TO START OVER!" Blue is the liturgical colour for Advent so expect to see me use a lot of it. (besides, it's my favorite!)

Actually, the start of a new day, any day, is good to re-affirm and/or start again.

What really needs changing is my head and how I think and perceive of things in and around my life.

I've been concerned a number of times this past year that I had/have become obsessed with making my goals; realizing my dreams as pertains to my health and body. There were times when that's all I could think of. What I'm eating; when I'm eating. Should I? Should I not? Did I exercise enough today? Did I take my vitamins? How will this make me feel? What if I don't succeed? What will everyone say or think about me?

All this is crazy making!! What I've learned this year is that if left unchecked I really could become ill with the whole process that's meant to make me well. Head games...that's all it is.

So for the first month of this new year I'm looking at my life through different glasses. Not rose coloured but multi-coloured with ever changing hues, purposes and expectations.

I know what's good for me and what is not the best. I know what makes me happy. I know what gives me energy.

My new journey will take a different road. The map is coming together. I know there will still be bumps and variations but this year...NO GUILT. No, this does not mean I can do and eat anything I want! What it does mean is that I no longer am allowed to beat myself up over my perceived failures.

My life is NON-NEGOTIABLE! Will there be changes? For sure. My life is about building consistency and ritual (read habitual). I function well when I know when, how, where, and why. This does not chain me to any one thing. Rather, frees me to be creative in all areas of my life.

Ok, so I have a jump on the NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTION thing but for me, why wait?

Are you looking to a new month, new year, new goals? Why wait until the calendar changes? Make the changes you want now! That's the band wagon I'm hoppin' on board. Join me.

til again

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A new day...and more snow!

I'm finding it difficult to accept the fact that winter weather is part of the norm around here now. I'm not a big fan of snow, cold temps or short days. I much prefer sunshine, time in the water and fresh produce from the garden.

So, I'll meet my days half way! I'll go to the pool as often as I can; turn on my full spectrum lights to simulate the bright sunshine; grow my sprouts and wheat grass. All this and pretend that it's really spring at least.

I don't like to wish away any part of the year. Each month has it's merits. Right?

So for now I sit thankful for all the blessings that come to me each day. I delight in the beauty of the white fluffy stuff in the air and the newness of the fresh blanket of snow on the ground.

This week:

I've planned my food really well and purchased the appropriate groceries to back up the plan. Guess that would be step #2. lol

step #1: plan menus
step #2: purchase groceries

step #3: follow through and eat what was purchased.

Nothing bothers me like tossing food that has gone bad due to neglect. Even if I had all the riches in the world this would still be a problem for me. Don't get me wrong...I don't have the $$$ to toss into the trash so being good about this is imperative...non-negotiable.

That's it! My word for the week:


These are things that are done. Period. No falling on one side of the fence or the other...

So for today:

My kitchen is closed at 8pm. NON-NEGOTIABLE!

My life; my decision.

Until again

....continuing on this great journey.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

As life goes on....

Tuesday seems to be my blogging day. Who'd have thunk it!?

Never mind. Today is Tuesday and here I am one more time.

Food today has been really good.

Fruit smoothie
salad with 1/2 avocado
taboulie salad (home made)
decaf coffee

Not too bad for me. I have the rest of the day's food planned. Some veggie soup, raw crackers, more salad and some brocolli. My goal is to close the fridge at home at 8pm tonight and end the late night snacking.

On my grocery list:


Off to head back to some teaching.

Enjoy all that the day has to offer. I give my personal thanks to all those in the world who have lost loved ones to conflicts and to those who continue to strive for a better world.

Til again,

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Tired Tuesday

I woke up fatigued this morning. I had a restless night filled with bad dreams and tears. This is not overly strange for me but more the pattern of my life when I'm filled with anxiety and fears. I know where this is coming from and start each daily with positive intention and love.

"Sharing our apprehensions with other people can make our fears less overwhelming because we are not letting them grow inside of us as pent up emotions." This is from the Daily Om which you can read here.

I have these articles delivered to my in-box daily and often don't read them but for some reason today I was drawn to it. No coincidences...right?

For this day: I am strong, purposeful and healthy.

Til again,

Monday, November 3, 2008


Well, the year is creeping by and with only 2 months left I find myself redefining my weight loss goals and my focus. This has been a long year of trial and, dare I say, error. Mostly each day has brought new opportunities for growth both on the inside of my body and in my spirit.

Rehearsals are calling me to practice, prepare, and participate. My 3 "p"s for the week!

Off I go!!!!