Sunday, November 30, 2008

End of the year and new beginning!

This may sound strange to some but yesterday was new year's eve in the Christian church calendar making today, 1st Sunday in Advent, New Year's Day!! What a great time to start over!

I'll repeat that: "WHAT A GREAT TIME TO START OVER!" Blue is the liturgical colour for Advent so expect to see me use a lot of it. (besides, it's my favorite!)

Actually, the start of a new day, any day, is good to re-affirm and/or start again.

What really needs changing is my head and how I think and perceive of things in and around my life.

I've been concerned a number of times this past year that I had/have become obsessed with making my goals; realizing my dreams as pertains to my health and body. There were times when that's all I could think of. What I'm eating; when I'm eating. Should I? Should I not? Did I exercise enough today? Did I take my vitamins? How will this make me feel? What if I don't succeed? What will everyone say or think about me?

All this is crazy making!! What I've learned this year is that if left unchecked I really could become ill with the whole process that's meant to make me well. Head games...that's all it is.

So for the first month of this new year I'm looking at my life through different glasses. Not rose coloured but multi-coloured with ever changing hues, purposes and expectations.

I know what's good for me and what is not the best. I know what makes me happy. I know what gives me energy.

My new journey will take a different road. The map is coming together. I know there will still be bumps and variations but this year...NO GUILT. No, this does not mean I can do and eat anything I want! What it does mean is that I no longer am allowed to beat myself up over my perceived failures.

My life is NON-NEGOTIABLE! Will there be changes? For sure. My life is about building consistency and ritual (read habitual). I function well when I know when, how, where, and why. This does not chain me to any one thing. Rather, frees me to be creative in all areas of my life.

Ok, so I have a jump on the NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTION thing but for me, why wait?

Are you looking to a new month, new year, new goals? Why wait until the calendar changes? Make the changes you want now! That's the band wagon I'm hoppin' on board. Join me.

til again

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