Saturday, January 31, 2009

What type are you?

"There are three types of people in this world: those who make things happen, those who watch things happen and those who wonder what happened. We all have a choice. You can decide which type of person you want to be. I have always chosen to be in the first group." Mary Kay Ash

So here's the question: What type of person are you?

Guess my biggest hurdle is that I move from type to type. Some days I'm a take charge kind of gal. You know, the kind of person who is in control and gets things done. Then, there are days when the world just moves around me and I watch.

Today? Well, for this day I am in control. I've made the decision. I'm having a great day! I say this to myself throughout the day and do a quick check in.

Ok, I am in charge. Time to get myself moving here.

And, for those enjoying Bobbie Burns Celebrations this weekend...have a great time!

til again

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Friday, January 30, 2009

Fun stuff!!

Thanks to my dear friend Amanda we now have a nice logo for the church choir! By clicking on her name you can see of the other wonderful work she has done. Amanda is a creative and inspired designer. I am proud to know her!

This logo will be used on the choir's water bottles, travel mugs, t-shirts etc that can all be seen at Cafepress.

Let me know what you think.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

"When circumstances throw us off course"

I found this from and thought it worth sharing. The following is a direct quote.

"when circumstances throw us off course as they inevitably will, it’s time for the 4 A’s:

1. Assess the current situation.

2. Adjust what needs to be done.

3. “Admire yourself,” in the words of fitness guru Bob Greene, “for being strong enough to start again.”

4. Act quickly to implement your new course of action.

To my mind, the most important A’s are the last two. Admiring ourselves helps us stay positive and avoid a spiral into negative self-esteem, as in “Oh see, I’m not capable of doing this right. This mess-up proves it.” It turns a mishap into an esteem boost when we remind ourselves that it takes great courage and persistence to not give up."

This really spoke volume's to me today as I work at re-aligning my life both inside and out.

What are your thoughts?

Have a terrific day!

til again,


Sunday, January 25, 2009

100 Mile Diet

Every once in a while I come across this web site and am reminded that everything I eat has an impact.

Obviously there are some food items that are impossible to grow close to home. I'm thinking specifically of tropical fruits. Bananas are a big staple in my raw food diet and they definitely do not grow in the Ottawa valley. I could eat apples from the valley but would soon tire of them.

My goal is to eat as much locally produced food items as I can. I most likely will never be 100% with in this radius but each mile I save means a slightly smaller foot print I leave on this earth.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Special Dinner and Celebration!

Bobbie Burns Dinner

This is an annual event sponsored by Stittsville United Church. I have the honor of playing some of the favorite Burns' songs for all to sing. Great food and entertainment. Let me know if you'd like more information or tickets!!

Happy Friday!

The votes are in and this is my response: I still don't like winter! I've tried the whole positive thinking thing. Telling myself I love winter; I enjoy winter etc but for me it just doesn't work. The snow looks beautiful until you have to go out side in the mess. Can you tell I'm waiting for spring and not too patiently! I might try skating on the canal but as I've gotten older I've been more inclined to do things that are not going to put my on my bottom especially in a public place! I used to skate and really love it. Not sure what's changed. Probably the lack of doing it. The first time back out doing anything is often difficult for me. I'm working on this. Moving forward. I'll keep you posted on this one.

I've not been on my program much this week and can't figure out why I got off track. I have the right food in the house. I have exercise videos, an exercise bike and a mini-tramp but NOTHING! And yes, that was me yelling at myself. I'm done being gentle about this. Bottom line is that I need to move my body. I know this and yet NOTHING! Most likely I can attribute this to a lack of motivation. I know this needs to come from inside of me; perhaps someone giving me a kick in the behind I'm so afraid of falling on!

Well, that's my song and dance for this morning. Quite the mood eh? Better watch out world, Doll is on a mission and NOTHING is gonna' stop this gal now!

Have a great one!
Til again,

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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

More fiber fun!

I took about 30 mins today to wash some Icelandic fleece that I bought from a local farmer last May. I have 5 fleeces that I have barely looked at, let alone washed from the spring and before the next shearing comes I'd like to get this processed.

True colour? Oatmeal with some grey and black mixed in. This is a long wool, not too oiling but some of it is pretty heavily laden with grasses etc. Washes up nicely and is spinning beautifully.

This batch will be my next pair of socks. Well, at least that my current plan.

I'm still searching for ways to market either the prepared fleece or spun yarn. I had done a good business on Ebay when I was in Alaska but the shipping costs here in Canada make it a non-starter for a wee business like this.

Shipped 3 or 4 oz skein of yarn could cost more than the bid on the item so it makes no sense. I'll need more market research before I make a decision for sure. In the meantime I have lots of wool to spin and lots of yarn to knit with.

No problem having a long, cold winter...I can just spend my time productively spinning and knitting.

Add in all my musical engagements and life with the Raw Divas and my circle is complete.

Good thing Nick enjoys all that I do. Sure is great to have a loving husband and family to support me.

(I'm so looking forward to seeing some of my family when they visit in February)

If you know of anyone who would enjoy some newly spun yarn just let me know. lol

Have a terrific day!

Til again,
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Monday, January 19, 2009

My day off!

Monday's are my FUN days!

Today I choose to knit and spin. I haven't been consistent with my spinning. I do miss it. There's something wonderfully soothing for me as the fiber moves through my fingers and the wheel spins.

I spent sometime yesterday mending some hand knit socks. I just can't toss them when I've put so much work into them. After 2 or 3 mendings then they become dust rags.

What I really need to do today is finish spinning some wool for my next socks.
They will be 2 ply with the base colour being a burgundy blend that I purchased at Upper Canada Village in '06 and I will ply this with some cream coloured mixed breed that I bought last summer.

This is my old standard wheel...the BABE. Yes it's plastic and I love how light it is and how easily it spins. I'd love a really nice wooden one but for functionality this is just fine!

For my journey today...good healthy food and a trip to the pool!

Enjoy your day!

Til again,

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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Chip the Wonderdog!

Chip, the wonder dog, doesn't really know who he is. At 2 1/5 yrs still thinks he's a lap puppy. Part Jack-Russel, Chuahua, and Lab. Hard to imagine eh? Definitely. He has the temperament of the Jack but his legs are too long for the terrier in him. Poor thing has been so cold going outside this past week. He goes out; does what needs doing; then back to sleep on the couch. Don't let anything hit the floor in the kitchen though. lol He's our buddy and loves to snuggle. Definitely a "family" pet and we're happy he's now part of ours.

On our quiet Sunday afternoon at home I've been watching an old movie, talking with family on the phone and working with my pictures. Nice and easy and relaxing.

Hope your day is going well!

Til again,
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Now, for something entirely different

I'll do some shameless plugging for my dear husband's web site and blog...

At Denaliguide Summit Blog you will financial analysis and trend development. And, at his website Denaliguide Summit Direct you will find the beginnings of a a great source for timely information.

Currently Nick is working with individuals who like his guidance. Check out these links and ask the questions.

I know that you can learn from his experience and expertise.

He's looking after my retirement portfolio. I don't fully understand all that his work entails but totally respect the work he does.

Now, back to your regularly scheduled blogging....

Happy Sunday all!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Excitement Plus!

Just how much excitement can there be when the temperatures are -25C?? Well, pretty excited around here. What's the news? Ecopolitan Ottawa is up and running! The site is in the process of growing and being built but the start is there.

Ecopolitan Ottawa is exciting for me because this affords me the chance to share with my community and beyond all the resources that are available to us. These would include greener living, a raw food and/or vegetarian lifestyle, opportunities to meet others of like mind and to introduce many to new ideas. This to me is exciting! Any time we have a chance to learn and to grow we continue to develop as people and as a community.

I'm still learning, still looking to understand and as my journey continues, I will expand my circle of knowledge, friends and the very sense of who I am in the world.

Til again,

Friday, January 9, 2009

Happy Weekend!

Late Friday evening and I'm ready to close out the week. I could do that except for the fact that I teach on Saturday and work at church Sunday morning. All is good. My weekend officially starts late Sunday night. My official day off is Monday.

So, for today I wish all the 9-5 ers working Monday thru Friday, a very happy weekend. Enjoy your days. If you live any where the temperatures are dropping, stay warm. Find a nice blanket, good book and if it's part of your life someone wonderful to cuddle with. Nothing warms quite like your nearest and dearest...unless it's a full coated husky! lol

You've heard of a three dog night? That's the night that is so cold it takes three huskies to get the bed warm.

Enough silliness for now. I've had my smoothie; some dried veggie chips and will soon find my pillow.

Hugs to all.

Til again

Monday, January 5, 2009

January Groceries and Budgets

I was asked to blog on the subject of grocery shopping on a budget. You'll find the post at The Raw Divas Blog. When I put the post together I was thinking in a general way not specifically shopping for raw menus.

This week I'm doing a seven day detox which you can also find if you follow the Raw Divas link on my side bar. My eating habits throughout the holidays were, well, stellar! Well, up until this past weekend. I still find traveling difficult to manage food wise. I'm a pretty smart gal and know that I will figure all this out and sooner than later!

All areas of my life get reset to normal mode this week. I'm back with my students, choir rehearsals, and my own practice time. Actually structure is really good for me and I welcome it now!

For today: time to put Christmas away for another year. Mondays are my "house blessing" days so that's what I'll do. Make things all spanking new for the new week and the new year.

The snow is coming down in big, fluffy chunks right now. Perhaps a walk with the dog would be fun. I enjoy finding ways to enjoy the winter. Well, that's my affirmation for the day.

What's your affirmation today?