Monday, January 5, 2009

January Groceries and Budgets

I was asked to blog on the subject of grocery shopping on a budget. You'll find the post at The Raw Divas Blog. When I put the post together I was thinking in a general way not specifically shopping for raw menus.

This week I'm doing a seven day detox which you can also find if you follow the Raw Divas link on my side bar. My eating habits throughout the holidays were, well, stellar! Well, up until this past weekend. I still find traveling difficult to manage food wise. I'm a pretty smart gal and know that I will figure all this out and sooner than later!

All areas of my life get reset to normal mode this week. I'm back with my students, choir rehearsals, and my own practice time. Actually structure is really good for me and I welcome it now!

For today: time to put Christmas away for another year. Mondays are my "house blessing" days so that's what I'll do. Make things all spanking new for the new week and the new year.

The snow is coming down in big, fluffy chunks right now. Perhaps a walk with the dog would be fun. I enjoy finding ways to enjoy the winter. Well, that's my affirmation for the day.

What's your affirmation today?

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