Wednesday, January 21, 2009

More fiber fun!

I took about 30 mins today to wash some Icelandic fleece that I bought from a local farmer last May. I have 5 fleeces that I have barely looked at, let alone washed from the spring and before the next shearing comes I'd like to get this processed.

True colour? Oatmeal with some grey and black mixed in. This is a long wool, not too oiling but some of it is pretty heavily laden with grasses etc. Washes up nicely and is spinning beautifully.

This batch will be my next pair of socks. Well, at least that my current plan.

I'm still searching for ways to market either the prepared fleece or spun yarn. I had done a good business on Ebay when I was in Alaska but the shipping costs here in Canada make it a non-starter for a wee business like this.

Shipped 3 or 4 oz skein of yarn could cost more than the bid on the item so it makes no sense. I'll need more market research before I make a decision for sure. In the meantime I have lots of wool to spin and lots of yarn to knit with.

No problem having a long, cold winter...I can just spend my time productively spinning and knitting.

Add in all my musical engagements and life with the Raw Divas and my circle is complete.

Good thing Nick enjoys all that I do. Sure is great to have a loving husband and family to support me.

(I'm so looking forward to seeing some of my family when they visit in February)

If you know of anyone who would enjoy some newly spun yarn just let me know. lol

Have a terrific day!

Til again,
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