Wednesday, January 28, 2009

"When circumstances throw us off course"

I found this from and thought it worth sharing. The following is a direct quote.

"when circumstances throw us off course as they inevitably will, it’s time for the 4 A’s:

1. Assess the current situation.

2. Adjust what needs to be done.

3. “Admire yourself,” in the words of fitness guru Bob Greene, “for being strong enough to start again.”

4. Act quickly to implement your new course of action.

To my mind, the most important A’s are the last two. Admiring ourselves helps us stay positive and avoid a spiral into negative self-esteem, as in “Oh see, I’m not capable of doing this right. This mess-up proves it.” It turns a mishap into an esteem boost when we remind ourselves that it takes great courage and persistence to not give up."

This really spoke volume's to me today as I work at re-aligning my life both inside and out.

What are your thoughts?

Have a terrific day!

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