Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Ever feel like a bouncing ball?

Well...that's how the weather is making me feel right now! On the weekend we had a melt down with warm temps and lots of rain. Today, -6C, windy and oh my gosh it's winter again. I wouldn't feel it so much if there wind would just STOP!

During my time in Fairbanks, AK (which, by the way is -38C this morning) I was continuously surprised at the lack of wind. I distinctly remember 2 bad wind days. One while out on Chena Lake where we were surprised with a thunderstorm and the second, when the top of a spruce tree fell right in the middle of the drive way. For the most part it was "the stillness" (Robert Service) that held my attention. Watching the Aurora dance across the sky overhead kept me star gazing even though my toes said it was time to find warmth.

My life there was similar to what I live here. I had rehearsals, concerts, social times, friends but the remoteness gave it all a change in colour. The air was different; fresher, cleaner. Yes, at times the days and nights were frigid but the summers made up for that. Long, hot days in June were spectacular! I remember in disbelief looking at the clock at mid-night then outside at the day light. I fell in love with all of it. The extremes, the mountains, the moose...all spoke to me in ways that had never before touched my heart.

Enough reminiscing for now. Perhaps I need to go make sure my back yard is tied down before it all blows south with the geese!

Til again,

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Saying Farewell

I know the New Year isn't here just yet but as I'm finishing up my day I was thinking of goodbyes. For today specifically saying goodbye to this blasted cold that has invaded my body. From sore throat, to runny nose and now deep in my chest, this has occupied way too much of me and my time. So, it's time to say good bye.

On a completely different level we're saying good bye for a few days to the snow that made this Christmas so white. This is a picture of our driveway and garage. Pretty in white. Isn't it? Not sure how much will be left by tomorrow morning. Never fear though as winter has just begun and there will be at least three more months to say farewell to the white fluffy stuff.

On a more personal note I've said adios to all things gluten and dairy. Difficult? Not as much as I had originally thought. Up until the flu set in I was really feeling much better. Great choices to be rid of for sure.

With sending things away I make room in my head and my heart for what's new. Who knows what's around the corner. I know there will be some challenges but nothing that I cannot handle head on and for sure some wonderful, exciting opportunities.

I'm excited and ready to go. Well, maybe after a good night's sleep and a day without going through an entire box of tissues. Miracles can happen!

Til again,

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

May all your Holiday dreams come true

As I sit here relaxing for a few moments before I need to leave for church, I am reminded of how truly blessed I am. I celebrate the birth of Christ. I celebrate my life, filled with great joy. I celebrate my family who continue to love me, unconditionally. I celebrate my wonderful friends who help me get from one bumpy road to the next.

Much preparation has gone into Services of Celebration, dinners and great feasts! I hope you take a moment and smile. Think of me sitting here, not quite dressed; not really panicky; no voice even though I'm singing tonight; and as if none of this really mattered, I am happy! A calmness has come over me that is truly unexplainable and has left me filled with wonder.

Are you feeling at peace this evening? Whatever your belief is may you truly Celebrate the blessings in your life and find that calm still voice.

Love to all!

Til again,

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A fly by post!

Hi everyone!

If you've ever wondered what I sound like here is your chance. Last week I was interviewed by Sheralee Faull of The Raw Divas You can find the interview in the latest edition of Health in High Heels. This is a free newsletter. I talk about music, my goals for the year and life in general. This interview is one of many that will introduce everyone to a number of us Raw Divas.

I'm so surprised that I'm not running around frantically getting ready for the big day on the 25Th. Basically what I have done is what is getting done. I'm relaxing and taking care of me. A good idea? I think so.

Well, I am off and running. Need to go and pick up a few groceries for me and my bunnies. lol

What are you doing today to take of you?

Enjoy the day.
Til again,

Saturday, December 20, 2008

The day after

I'm awake and ready to face the day. Great, isn't it?

I've been gluten and dairy free since Tuesday and already I'm feeling a bit brighter, happier, less sluggish and on top of my life. This is an amazing feeling. My challenge is to be gluten and dairy free for 2 weeks. My first thought was how the heck can I do this over Christmas but as I set out to make my plans I realized that the task is not impossible. Wow! I will face some temptation but not as big of a denial as I once thought.

I enjoyed a wonderful day yesterday. Met a dear friend for lunch; gave us time to catch up. We've both been so busy that just sitting and talking was a real treat. (Note to self: keep putting times like this in my calendar)

The evening was filled with such fun. We joined another couple at The Old Time Fiddlers Christmas Dinner. My food choices were made wisely and enjoyed! The music? Well, I love the toe tappin' fiddle music that is such a strong tradition in the Ottawa Valley. Had an opportunity to waltz and two-step with my honey and even did some line dancing. Boy it's been a long time since I've danced. Ask the muscles in my glutenous-maximus what they think of it today! lol A great time was had by all. The weather outside was definitely "frightful" but inside so "delightful". I didn't realize how much I needed the fun and laughter. There's been lots of both in my life lately. Nice to turn your head around once in a while!

Well, off to do what a music teacher does on Saturdays!

Til again,

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Getting ready and moving forward!

As I was responding to someone in The Raw Divas Powder Room Forum I realized that perhaps this would be good to add to my blog.

This is the post:

"Socializing is always tough for me. I found that if I go to an event with strengthened resolve to do the best for me then I can manage. If I go when I'm really tired or stressed then forget it. All well laid plans fly out the window.

So here's my strategy:

  • Drink a green smoothie before I go
  • Be sure that I'm rested
  • Keep my mind focused on the great people around me and the conversation
  • If asked about what I'm eating I smile and let them know that I'm enjoying my ..... salad or whatever I am eating and then let it go.

  • If I don't make a big production out of the whole thing that most friends and colleagues will just smile and go on with the conversation at hand.

  • As for things like alcohol etc. I'm finding it easier and easier to stay away from them. In my circles, people are just more aware then they used to be and generally make healthy choices."
Those are my thoughts today. I have a couple more engagements for the holiday season but nothing that is going to stress my body or my head. I'm taking care of me and boy does it feel good!

"All of this is easier said than done so I take it one day and one moment at a time. If I eat something not so great for me I move forward and make better decisions next time. Not the end of the world. "

My words to all:

Enjoy your days, your parties, dinners etc and remember that only you can drive your truck! You make the decisions that effect your life.

Til again,

Monday, December 15, 2008

For today!

I know, I use this title a lot but for me it really is my life. I take each day and live for "today". Well, at least that's my plan. Some days I'm more successful than others.

“To eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art.”
La Rochefoucauld

I read the quote above this morning and thought I'd share. I plucked it from the Green Smoothie Blog . Definitely gives a different perspective to my food and dining experience.

I used to think that eating out in public was the art. Not eating too much or too fast; ordering foods that others won't criticize. Now in steps the intelligent part! How smart am I too allow what others think of what I eat into my world? Do I really need opinion to rule my head or my heart? It's like what Nick quotes me often, " When arguing with the post, who is most intelligent, you or the post?" (author unknown) OK, so we all know the correct answer here.

So, for today, I will eat with intelligence and create the world around me (my food) a new art form.

Love to all
Til again,

Thursday, December 11, 2008

“What If Raw Food Isn’t Right For Me?”

“What If Raw Food Isn’t Right For Me?”

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I question daily what I eat. Most folks who are looking at losing weight and getting healthy do this. Balance their meals, count calories, keep track of portions and portion sizes. What's been on my mind for a little more than 6 months now is this: "Do I continue eating RAW or do I cook dinner tonight?" What's good for me and my body? How much abuse can my body take ie additives, gluten, hidden sugars and on and on.... Get my drift?

I'm on a journey of education. I want to learn as much as I can about nutrition; what works for me and what doesn't. Even in the RAW food movement there is much controversy over different food items.

Am I a vegan? Not by a long shot. Vegetarian? Not quite there. I am limiting my red meat consumption to only once or twice a week. Partly due to budget issues but also I feel that my body doesn't really need what I once thought it did.

I'll continue to question, to search. The journey is long but it's life and I'm learning and having a blast!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Green Smoothie Evidence!

OK I have proof! Proof of what? That I actually do drink these wonderful smoothies. You have to trust me. I really did drink all of it. What's left at the bottom I'll scoop out with a spoon.

This was a very special smoothie. Last night after the pot-luck at the church one of the lovely ladies offered me a bowl of fruit salad. Sweet. I told her it would go in my smoothie for breakfast.

That's exactly what I did. In this bowl was cut up honeydew, cantaloupe, red and green grapes. I added one small banana and a couple of handfuls of lettuce. (needed to make it green).

The Green Jugs are available from the Raw Divas (see my side bar) I really like using mine. Definitely have opportunities to talk about it when I'm out and about. From time to time I even use it for water. lol

Today was sort of a snow day for me. Yes, there's lots of the white fluffy stuff out there. Our driveway is now clear thanks to the neighbors and for Nick's hard working shovel. I think the shovel actually works really hard. Nick sends his energy into it and wow, the snow moves. lol

Food for today:

coffee 1 cup
a cup of vegetarian chili (I made this for last night's dinner)
1 home made dinner roll (made just like Grammie used to make)
1 full jug of green smoothie

1 spoonful of cookie dough that is now dehydrating

That's it so far. I'm planning on some clear veg. broth for my dinner and a salad.

Not a fully raw day but definitely a good one.

What's on your menu today??

til again,

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Let it snow! or not!!!

Ok, so it's snowing, again! What can I expect? I'm in Ottawa, in December. Of course it's going to snow. lol

Yesterday I had the pleasure of playing for the Goulbourn Jubilee Singers and the Junior Jubilees. The songs were beautiful and all had a great time.

This picture was taken from the side view of the front of the church. The flowers are beautiful. Each week there will be more added. The liturgical colour for advent is blue, thus the blue drape you see to the left.

As I said...a good time was had by all. Today, however, I'm feeling a little weary. Thanks to the kindness of Nick I am now the proud owner of a paraffin bath which came into good use this afternoon. My hands are so thankful for such a nice treatment! Thanks Nick!

I put a new profile picture on the blog (scroll down). I apologize for the graininess and hope to have another taken soon. I'm at the church at least 5 out of 7 days this time of year so many more photo ops.

I'm relaxing today and finding my feet (balance) once again. Tomorrow I'll head to the pool and enjoy the steam room and whirlpool after a good long swim. Perhaps even do a wee bit of shopping. No, not the Christmas gift kind, the...oh my I'm out of everything kind! Not my favorite pass time for sure.

For now I'll pick up my knitting and take care of me.

Love to all til again