Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Ever feel like a bouncing ball?

Well...that's how the weather is making me feel right now! On the weekend we had a melt down with warm temps and lots of rain. Today, -6C, windy and oh my gosh it's winter again. I wouldn't feel it so much if there wind would just STOP!

During my time in Fairbanks, AK (which, by the way is -38C this morning) I was continuously surprised at the lack of wind. I distinctly remember 2 bad wind days. One while out on Chena Lake where we were surprised with a thunderstorm and the second, when the top of a spruce tree fell right in the middle of the drive way. For the most part it was "the stillness" (Robert Service) that held my attention. Watching the Aurora dance across the sky overhead kept me star gazing even though my toes said it was time to find warmth.

My life there was similar to what I live here. I had rehearsals, concerts, social times, friends but the remoteness gave it all a change in colour. The air was different; fresher, cleaner. Yes, at times the days and nights were frigid but the summers made up for that. Long, hot days in June were spectacular! I remember in disbelief looking at the clock at mid-night then outside at the day light. I fell in love with all of it. The extremes, the mountains, the moose...all spoke to me in ways that had never before touched my heart.

Enough reminiscing for now. Perhaps I need to go make sure my back yard is tied down before it all blows south with the geese!

Til again,

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