Thursday, December 18, 2008

Getting ready and moving forward!

As I was responding to someone in The Raw Divas Powder Room Forum I realized that perhaps this would be good to add to my blog.

This is the post:

"Socializing is always tough for me. I found that if I go to an event with strengthened resolve to do the best for me then I can manage. If I go when I'm really tired or stressed then forget it. All well laid plans fly out the window.

So here's my strategy:

  • Drink a green smoothie before I go
  • Be sure that I'm rested
  • Keep my mind focused on the great people around me and the conversation
  • If asked about what I'm eating I smile and let them know that I'm enjoying my ..... salad or whatever I am eating and then let it go.

  • If I don't make a big production out of the whole thing that most friends and colleagues will just smile and go on with the conversation at hand.

  • As for things like alcohol etc. I'm finding it easier and easier to stay away from them. In my circles, people are just more aware then they used to be and generally make healthy choices."
Those are my thoughts today. I have a couple more engagements for the holiday season but nothing that is going to stress my body or my head. I'm taking care of me and boy does it feel good!

"All of this is easier said than done so I take it one day and one moment at a time. If I eat something not so great for me I move forward and make better decisions next time. Not the end of the world. "

My words to all:

Enjoy your days, your parties, dinners etc and remember that only you can drive your truck! You make the decisions that effect your life.

Til again,


  1. Doll, You are such an inspiration to me. Thank you for this wonderful post. You are embracing grace in your life day by day. You have learned to be patient with yourself! Isn't this a wonderful journey?!!

  2. Thank you for your kind words Anna! Yes, it is a wonderful journey! Glad we can make the trip together.