Monday, April 14, 2008

To be or....

Each day I rise, give thanks for the day, tell myself I'm having a great day and I face what's coming at me.

Last Friday I took a huge leap, at least for me. I had my eyes checked for new glasses. I'm not sure but could have easily been 12 years since my last check so it was definitely time. The's time for bifocals. I sure hope when I get them that my reading at the piano is easier. I've been having a difficult time seeing the music and between you and me...I'm not really good at making things up.

My program has been all over the map this weekend. Not really sure what's going on inside of me but whatever it is it had better stop. What with the pre-menopausal stuff and the stress of performance I just just can't keep track any more.

So the question is: "To be on program or not" To be on which program...or not! Do I choose my favorite healthy foods or sink down to what is most comforting at the moment.

See...way too many questions for me right now. Far too many least about food. I don't like being so, dare I say, anal about it. Am I in control of my life or is my diet in control of my life. UGH!!! See what I mean?

The week will roll along as it always does. My questions will still be or....and at the end of the week I will still be me. The sun will still shine and the earth will continue on it's own journey. Hey folks...this is not life or death, at least not now. I am taking care of business in the best way I can.

Perhaps after some really good rest I'll see the "being" of my life much clearer.

What do you think?

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  1. "Taking care of business the best way I can, right now." That is something we all should review, ask ourselves did WE do the best we could have. If you did that, you did GOOD!