Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Mid Week...again!

Well, Wednesday is almost over and I'm bushed. Rehearsals were gruelling tonight. Intense work yielding wonderful results. The music is challenging. When the choir members rise to meet the challenge then the music is awesome!

My stats for today:

215.8 (up some but coming back down)

1 day in calorie range 1354
1 day exercise
14 days vitamins
1 day 8 glasses of water
1 day in sodium range 1031
exercise: 25 min walk to work
2 hours walking at the restaurant (very busy day..great people)

These are very specific numbers which help me to see where I'm heading. This journey is all about the travel plan; the map. I create my "map" for the following day just before I head to bed. Courtesy of Google desktop I have my list right in front of me every time I sit down at the pc.

Back is still not back to it's normal self. Sitting at the piano for 3 hours doesn't help the situation at all. I work at changing my position and standing when I can but for the most part I'm seated.

Off to bed. I really need a good night's sleep. Sweet dreams to me and all of you!

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  1. I continue to be very happy & proud to see you running off tackle daily no matter the fatigue. YOU are good !