Monday, November 2, 2009

Moving forward.....

Looks like I've used this title before. LOL At least I'm consistent!

Here's my latest post at The Raw Divas

I'm going to be a regular Diva posting there each Monday. Let me know what you think.

Had a full day today.

It's Day 2 of my current Body Enlightenment System program.
Body Enlightenment System - Don't Lose Weight Only to Find it Again

I've been really clean with my food today and absolutely love the way I feel. My mind is clearer and I am much more creative! Who knew?! I am determined to be an ambassador for the BES and prove that it works! First 30 day program I did end of September I lost 11 pounds. Felt great! Now moving forward to the next 10 pounds released for good! I can do this!

Took some special time for me today and worked 1 hour with a personal trainer at The Brookstreet Hotel's gym called FLEX. Super special place and an amazing trainer. She makes me feel like I really can do this! I'll keep you all posted as to my progress.

Enjoy your week!

Til again,
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