Sunday, March 14, 2010

New and exciting

Thai Food with LoVE..LOvE... for you, my Dears...Image by Thai Jasmine via Flickr

I'm really excited!! I've set up my very first Green Smoothie Workshop! (outside of my group of friends) AND created a new website for myself. This is definitely a work in progress. Not sure how far I'll take it or how many re-creating moments it will go through but at least I've started.

I keep talking about how I want to coach people and help them transition to a healthy lifestyle but talking about it ain't going to get it done sister!! Working with The Raw Divas has given me such confidence and joy for life! Thanks muchly Tera!
So, I've started.

Keeping my fingers crossed won't get the work done but I know how to do the work. I acknowledge my life and successes...this is one of them! Off to enjoy a late night salad! Greens, here I come!

Enjoy your week everyone!

Check out my new site here:

Let me know what you think.

til again,

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