Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Well, almost half-way through the month and I realized I haven't posted here in a while. Life has been in the way...at least in the way of my creativity.

Food: mostly raw fruits and veggies

Still holding on to: ice cream, pizza, assorted sweets, salt

Gave up for good: coffee!

I've begun work with a personal trainer at the gym. This is to help me with my "form" with the weights etc so that I don't hurt myself. Since my back problems mid-June I've been very careful with my exercise.

The swimming is going well except for the cooler temps. Really hard to get much heat from a solar collector when the sun isn't shining. lol

I started swimming 8 lengths then moved on to 16. I was challenged to give myself a goal one night and did 32. This week I managed 40! I've done the calculations. I need 100 laps to swim 1 mile. This is my goal by the end of the summer.


Sunshine? Where are you dear sunshine? lol

til again

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