Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Loving the sunshine!

The day is chilly but beautiful! One of the things I love about spring is the warmer temps and few bugs...at least in my back yard. lol The pool is inviting but still way too cold.

Seems like I've been on a roller coaster ride with my food and exercise. For me there seems to be no real middle ground. I'm either all the way or next to nothing. What happened to taking things bit by bit. Is it really possible to move along on this journey without obsession? Or, is it just that I have such an obsessive personality? Inquiring minds NEED to know. How's that for obsession?!?

I think about food all the time. What I'm eating; not eating; what I'm cooking; not cooking and so on. Guess I could find something to replace the obsession with but not sure that's a good idea either. I'm know there's all sorts of therapy for this stuff. Oh wait, been there, done that! lol Goodness me!

So, I'll continue on my path. It zig-zags and goes up and down hills and vales (lots) but that's all part of life. Right?

Do you have a straight line map that you follow? Does your path lead you to where you wish to be?

If you have some ideas please share.

Til again,

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  1. I'm all over the place, and all the time. I don't have so much a plan as a vision. Then, I figure out the path toward the vision as I go along.