Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tuesday's Word of the Day: CONSISTENCY (how to get there)

or rather...the road map to consistent behaviors.
Here is my problem.  The lack of consistency.  Well, I guess the lack of it is really being consistent.

I'm talking about creating plans.  Plans for my food, physical activity, household tasks and on and on.  I spurt out of the gate and do well but at some point the energy fades, the ball stops rolling and the result is evident.
Lack of energy, weight gain and sour mood swings are what comes from not following through on a steady, consistent basis.

Is there an answer?  Gosh I hope so 'cause if not there would be no hope. 

Here's a  3  step plan of action:
1.  Create the plan 
  • - build a routine into a daily calendar
  • - make sure the time is realistic so that it creates success  and doesn't set yourself up for failure
2.  Engage your friends and family in your activities.  
  • - make sure they understand what you are trying to do
  • - give them access to your calendar so they know the plan
3.  Allow for spontaneous changes - both good and bad
  • - sometimes it's just better to go with the flow and not fight what's happening

I know, we all would like a plan that's more specific.  So, here's my personal plan for fitness.

1.  I'm taking the time to look at my calendar to book times for exercise both at home and at the gym

2.  I'm letting Nick (my dear husband) know what the plan looks like so he can alter his day if needed

3.  I know that there will be detours in my plan so I have a few exercises I can manage if I can't get to the gym and some that I can do inside when the weather is chilly and wet.

Again that may simple over simplified but maybe simple is better.  Right?

Next up...planning my meals.

Do you have a plan in place today?  Would love to hear from you.

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