Thursday, May 26, 2011

On the road to...

I spend way too much time trying to figure out my life and some days it seems that my life moves on without me.

This is not really a bad thing.  If my life waited for me to make some decisions I would truly be stuck.  Perhaps I already am...sort of stuck.

What I've needed is change.  Change to how I see things,  how I feel about things and what I do with my time.  These are tough choices to think about.  However, making no decision is making the choice to stay where I am.

I love this picture with the word written in the sand.  Have you ever been stuck in the sand?  Have you ever wiggled your toes so that you sunk down even further?  I remember how that feels and the further down you go the harder it is to move.  Right?

So, I've made the decision to change; to move forward with my life.

Here are some of my basic changes:
  1. alter my dietary choices to include high protein, low fruit, gluten free
  2. set my personal boundaries and stick to them
  3. enjoy my personal time without guilt
OK, for some of you this may seem very simple but for me this is huge and life changing.

I would love to hear your ideas.  Do you struggle with change?  If so, how do you move forward?

Til again,


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  1. High protein??? After all we've taught you! ;)

    Green Smoothies are magical! A big storm was moving in with very menacing clouds. I whipped up my Tropical Green Smoothie and pretended that the rain hitting the windows was actually ocean spray. Within a few minutes the sun was shining. Talk about CHANGE! :D