Monday, May 30, 2011

Monday's Moments

You know the days pass and weeks pass and soon you find yourself in new season.  Summer is creeping up on me and although some things are winding down to allow for some leisure activities, I'm finding myself saddened to have closed out the season.

What happened to the winter? What happened to all the meetings, rehearsals and time running around in busy-ness?

Well, that's what happens when life happens, when my life happens.  If I don't take the time to really appreciate those around me or those moments that happen unexpectedly, then how can I really be "present"?
As we move towards a new month my intention is to be right where I am.  I need to be fully aware and instep with all the wonderful moments around me.
Here's my plan:
  1. clearly define my goals and tasks
  2. plan moments into my day that allow for deeps breaths and for sending love outwards
  3. remind my dear hearts how much they mean to me
And last, but not least, to SMILE!

Simple?  Sure is!
Want to join me?  What would happen if you set your intentions for June?
I would love it if you could share we me.


ps  a slow paced song but beautiful and I dare you to watch it ...see you're smiling already!!


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  1. I've been trying to incorporate power naps into my schedule. I feel I get more done if I just lay down for a 20 minute "cat-nap". Unfortunately, sometime's my schedule gets in the way. Like on Tuesdays, when my nap-time conflicts with my Tai Chi Easy class!

    It's all for my health though ... right!?!?

  2. I think napping is great! Why is it that we make everything and everyone else a priority and not ourselves?

    Congrats on the Tai Chi!!