Thursday, May 29, 2008

A re-visit!

As I was looking at what is no longer permitted in my kitchen I was please to see that I have achieved many of the goals I set before me.

I have no more white flour items in my cupboards. No more coffee shop pastries (actually no more coffee as well).; my snacks are now healthy fruits, veggies and raw crackers. Some sprouts from time to time.

I'm making green smoothies and loving them. My body is changing. Changing what it will accept as far as food goes and changing how my clothes feel. Wonderful!

Heading to bed early tonight...have an early start tomorrow.

Have you looked at your goals lately? How are you doing??



  1. WOW Doll! You're putting me to shame!

    What, exactly, is a "green smoothie?"

  2. Hey Laura,

    A green smoothie is one I make with bananas, strawberries, (or blueberries) and some water. When that's all mixed I add in handfuls of greens (mostly spinach) and a stalk of celery. This gives me lots of energy.

    Wish the scale was mirroring how I feel inside. lol I know it will come though.