Sunday, June 7, 2009

Still struggling...looking for gigs!

Those of you who are near and dear to me know about my fall and struggles with my foot. So...being the brave little girl I am I finally went to the Dr and for xrays! Don't know anything yet. I have physio to go to as well but after the initial meeting I simply don't have the bucks to pay for that. So much for universal health care in Ontario eh? At least the Dr's appointment and xray was "free". I really do need an additional health care plan. That's next on the list along with increasing my income.

Anyone need some "live" entertainment for an upcoming garden party?? I'm good at soft music and can fade into the wood work of any indoor or outdoor party. lol Translates: I really am a performer but don't need to take centre stage.

Playing my portable piano doesn't put too much strain on my ankle which is a very good thing. Playing a baby grand would be much more pain-filled.

So if you need a great piano player just drop me an email. Will travel any where in the Ottawa/Eastern Ontario region. I take cash, cheque, and paypal! lol

Well, there you have it. Plain and simple. I need some money and am willing to work. lol Just don't put me weeding in the garden...foot wouldn't take that too well! See, I haven't lost my sense of humor!

I'm almost finished a shawl that was to be in a silent aution in May. Will post pictures asap!

Have a super week!
Til again,

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