Sunday, September 7, 2008

Fun, frolic and fall!

I met up with the "Raw Divas" at the "Simply Raw" Food Festival in Ottawa this weekend. I love meeting new friends.

In the picture: Amy, Me, Tera! Does it look like I was having fun? You betcha!

The afternoon (I wasn't able to spend the day) was filled with lots and lots of information, great speakers,and raw prepared dishes to try. A positive event that I thoroughly enjoyed!

My journey on the raw food path has been up and down hill and around many bends. I'm very excited to be able to learn as much as I can as I explore what my body is really telling me.

What I've learned so far:

  • I need to be kind to myself
  • Guilt free living is possible (when it comes to food)
  • Listening to my body is very important
  • I continue to love watermelon and blueberries
  • traditional meals still call to me but no longer taste as pleasing as they once did
I'm sure there is much more but I will ponder this more.

The rest of today is for me. Sunday afternoons and Mondays are my days to just be me. That is exactly what I plan to do. If I feel like walking or swimming I will...if not...that's ok as well.

Do you have a plan for your day?

Listen to your heart..hear the quiet conversations that the heart shares in each beat....

til again,



  1. Raw food does not work well with Crohns Disease so although the festival sounds like fun, I'll have to say better you than me.

    On the other hand, your shawl is gorgeous! Did you make it? Is the pattern available? Did you spin the yarn?

    Inquiring minds want to know!



  2. Hi Laura,

    I did make the a sheep to shawl sort of way. I went to the shearing, picked the fleece I wanted...did the whole process. Used Wilton's food coloring violet.

    The pattern is on Melanie's blog: Pinklemontwist. This was the first Mystery Stole done in 2005.

    I like this one b/c it makes me feel all comfy and homey. Know what I mean?