Saturday, September 13, 2008

Where did the summer go?

I know people often ask this question but this year I mean it i! Where were the hot, humid days; the sleepless nights due to the heat; the moments you count until you can plunge into the pool or lake? Don't get me wrong the summer was wonderful for me. The garden thrived and offered us many great veggies and some beautiful flowers. The pool was inviting and was my main source of exercise; going in some days 2 or 3 times during the day. The days were cooler and many days with some rain. Guess just not typical for this area. For us in Stittsville...fewer storms! That's a major bonus for me.

I'm sitting here holding a beautiful grey bunny we just named "Babs" She has a really nice barred colouring that I love. Much of the time she sits on my lap and is quite affectionate. (I'll post more about our rabbitry later)

This week in RAWville:

Made a re-commitment to my journey this week. I've purchased some really nice fruits and veggies and have been staying as green as possible. My food cravings (addictions) are to be broken. This is not easy for me but necessary. I choose to live a long and healthy life!

I had some major issues with my back yesterday. Not sure what I did but again, I'm determined not to let this get in the way of what I want and need to do. My life continues bad back or not. The pain is much less today and I know once I get moving it will loosen up even more. I'm really missing the swimming so Nick and I will look into renewing our memberships at the local pool for the winter.

Even though the sun is still hiding I have a lone sunflower smiling at me this morning to cheer my day.

Sending you sunshine and flowers today!

til again


  1. Shhh ... don't look now but a raw diva is spying on you!!! [grin]

    Oh Doll! I wish you could come for a visit! I wish my house was clean enough for you to come for the visit!!! [wink-wink]

    I would love to put your aching back on my Migun Massage bed! That would have you feeling spiffy in no time. (Of course, I've got a great Chiropractor, too!!!)

    Come visit ... bring Babs! [LOL]

  2. Here's the deal Keely: you can come anytime since I need a great reason to clean my house. lol

    Thanks for peeking in!

    Babs would love a visit to your world!