Sunday, September 28, 2008

Nick's special Day.

As Sundays go this one was really great! A special day of worship and rehearsals topped off with a great dinner at The Table . Not a raw dinner but definitely vegetarian. Both Nick and I love the food there and since we went at 4pm it was not busy. We went as part of Nick's birthday celebration. I finished at rehearsal at 3:30 and down town we journeyed.

We have many favorite places to eat but The Table is one of those places where I can go and not be tempted by all the favs. of fast or bar food. I did enjoy a small piece of pumpkin pecan cheese cake...oh my. This was definitely a treat for me.

The first part of the day was raw: banana and watermelon AND 2 raw crackers.

I'll add that a wee bit of chocolate cake topped off the day.

Nick was sung to, received a couple of gifts and will spend the evening with a gorgeous woman by his side. (that would be me lol) What more can anyone ask for?

My week begins tomorrow with a day off. I will relax, spin, knit and perhaps go to the pool. Some candles and soft music will sooth my busy mind. There will be a fire in the wood stove to give the home a nice warm feel.

Want to join me?

til again,

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