Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Bright and Early

Well, definitely early for me but bright? Well if you can call the whiteness of the snow as being bright. Enough already!! I'm done with winter, snow, heavy coats, boots etc. I feel really sorry for the poor robins. They've been singing but don't sound too cheery this morning.

On to my journey....

This winter has been tough. I've had no focus and definitely no self control. I read somewhere that it's not about discipline as much as it is about habits. Both can be broken. Mine are and desperately in need of a mechanic. I make a plan; tweak it til it fits then on to the next step. I purchase the appropriate food and make sure both Nick and I know what's on deck each day. I decide which days I'm off to the pool and which days I do some activity at home.

All looks good on paper, right? Well it is a good, no, a great plan. Then guess what? Nothing. Like most people my Monday starts off with a bang, all things going accordingly. Tuesday...less so and well, you know the rest of the story. All of which begins again the following Monday.

Getting frustrated and desperate here. I need additional motivation. (she cries out to the universe since of course the universe is awake this early in the day lol) Ok, so I can cut the drama but really friends something needs to happen. I need a wake-up call...literally!!!

Ideas, comments, help...please let me know your best thoughts on this.

Off to do what I do...

til again,

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