Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

Wishing all a super, wonderful day!!

Here it's cold but bright and sunny. The sunshine is deceptive. I took a stroll out the back door and decided after 2 or 3 minutes that being in cotton sleeves and birks(baretoes) is not the way to go today!

So, I'm back inside and making an attempt at creativity.

I have re-affirmed my goal to a healthier lifestyle and to lose the abundance of added weight on my body. This has been a long time coming. In one year I've gone up, down and back up again. I'm the kind of person who needs direction and drive!

Ok, so I have the road map I want to use. It's a combination of different food plans and exercise programs that I am putting together to fit my needs and busy life. Now all I need is the drive and determination. Perhaps it's not about discipline but of habit like many others have told me.

I am creating my life over and over again. With new routines (habits) I see myself completing my goal feeling healthy, happy and perhaps a little sexy? Well...that's not really for me to decide. lol

Life for me is all about balance. This is what I need and desire and so will create!

We celebrate Easter, a time of hope and reassurance of greatness ahead. Like the butterfly who emerges out of the cocoon after a long winters nap so will I. Watch out world as this caterpillar is about to grow wings!

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