Friday, February 19, 2010

It's Friday!!

and not the end of my week!

Not sure there is an end to my week this time around.

I'm happy to be busy on Saturday playing the piano for a terrific community choir. We're having an annual winter retreat day. Time filled with singing, laughing and learning.

This evening I'm treating myself to time with a dear friend. Pool and sauna here we come!

Sunday? Church, meetings and more...

My days are full. I am learning to embrace the richness of each and everyone. I have purposely filled my google calendar so that I can see where my time is going. I need to face this busyness with strength and joy. I no longer look at my full day and panic. I am facing what I fear. I am confronting what stirs my anxiety.

This works for me..well at least during this testing stage. Once more: my life, my decision!

My food is nutritious and balanced. I will move my body in the pool and get my heart rate poppin'. I'll spend time with a friend and catch up on some much needed girl time.

Sounds great doesn't it!!

Have an absolutely amazing weekend everyone!

til again,

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