Monday, January 21, 2008

Happy Monday!

Monday's are becoming my favorite days. I only work for a couple of hours then the rest of the day is mine.

Intentionally take care of myself today

Laugh at those things that keep me humble

I magine the beautiful me

Keep on track

Examine my day

Modify as I go

Embrace the goodness around me

Enjoy your day! Mine has been wonderful!

EXERCISE: 15 min yoga for stretching
30 min cardio for my heart


2 small pancakes with pat of marg and wee bit of syrup
2 scrambled eggs

whole wheat crepe
2 oz chicken breast
1 oz low fat cheese
lettuce, cuc and tomato with light dressing

low fat ice cream
small apple

quesidilla (from today's plan)
steamed asparagus
light dressing

3 cups coffee
4 glasses of water (so far)

I plan to have 1/2 banana and some popcorn for a snack later
still low on my veggies though

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