Saturday, January 19, 2008

my Sabboth

I'm a church musician who "works" on Sundays so I really don't have a Christian Sabbath in the traditional way. I love my work and the people that surround me. Today I will take a day for myself. For reflection, meditation, and rest.

My plan is to eat according to my plan and to do some cardio and stretching.

S earching for what my spirit needs today

A ware of my surroundings (what absolutely needs done today)

B eautiful home (how thankful I am for warmth and comfort)

B oldly making my own decisions

A ll (slow and steady keeping all in order)

T otally committed to what is important to me

H eart (my heart is filled with love and peace)

Well, that's my day. I am relaxed, calm and at peace.

I'll post later to update my food list.

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