Sunday, January 20, 2008


What a great and amazing day I've had.

The choir at church sang one of my favorite songs "Shine, the Light of Your Love" and did so wonderfully! I was so proud of all of them and know that others were blessed by their musical gifts.

Then, I spoke with Richard Simmons on his Radio Show . Still catching my breath over that. I really am motivated to stick to my plan.

My food:

2 slices WW bread
1T cream cheese

2 scrambled eggs
2 sausages
5 little pieces of potato
1/2 slice brown toast with marg. and jam

salad with Raspberry dressing
Roast Chicken breast
whole wheat dinner roll
whipped butter

and oops: small piece of apple pie

4 8oz glasses of water today

50min "Party off the Pounds" exercise

I'll do some slow stretches before I hit the pillow tonight.

The night's going to be a cold one...about 0F so will bundle up nice and snuggly.

New day work week....what's on your plate for the next few days????

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