Friday, January 1, 2010


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A new beginning!

I think it's wonderful that each year we can start over. The truth is that each day is a new beginning. This year my approach is different.

No resolutions or commitments to huge changes in my body. My weight loss journey has taken me up, down and up again. One might think it's frustrating. I will confess that it's easy to see it that way.

This year is about what I can add to my food plan to make it the best for me. This is not about what I can't have or what is not good for my body. My focus is positive. My life is about all things!

What am I going to do today to make myself the very best I can be?? That's the ongoing affirmation for 2010.

My focus is on see the best in me and by taking the best care I can of this body that I have been blessed

Never saw the sun.....

Nothing but blue skies will I see!

Frank at some of his best...BLUE SKIES

I just couldn't resist!

Or if you prefer Ella...try this one!

Happy New Year!

til again,

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