Thursday, January 21, 2010

One of those days, one of those feelings

Candele spezzate al Pomodorino del PiennoloImage by DIGISEA via Flickr

Ever had a day inwhich you'd really like some evidence that there is more to this world than the four walls around you? Or, that in the manner of what happens in the next few moments or hours, unless life and death...really isn't life or death in magnitude!

So...totally not on program I thoroughly enjoyed lunch out with a friend where we ate some heavenly Italian food! I did NOT over indulge and we both passed up on dessert. I felt full afterwards but not stuffed.

So does it hurt my detox process? Probably set it back some but in the scheme of my life, this is not tragic, traumatic or life threatening. Now, of course, over the span of a few weeks, months and yes years, this could be quite sad indeed. But to have one lunch like this really is not a big deal.

I enjoyed the company, the ambiance and the food! Life is good. I am getting stronger and better every day. Raw or not, meat or no meat...many calories or few, I am in control of my life. It is my decision.

Today I choose a different path. Tomorrow??? The intention is set for a great and wonderful day! How about you??

Let me know what's on your mind.

Hugs til again,
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