Saturday, January 2, 2010

Day 2

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So far so good. Day 2 is moving along well, just as it should be. Way too much snow though. I had no idea how much had fallen since the night of the 31st! Wow! It all looks so beautiful but not nice to get around in. The roads are slick but so far everyone is driving appropriately.

Ok..enough of the weather. Guess I'm like most Canadians in that I like to chat about the weather.

Actually the weather really does effect how I feel. I try not to let it happen but with little success. When it's cold and dark I tend to want to stay indoors, nest and snuggle. I hunker down.

When it's bright, sunny, even a bit cold, I have more energy and joy.

May be it has some scientific basis...the moon, the air pressure etc.

What ever the cause is I know I AM in control of my OWN life and I make the decisions.

So through whatever weather patterns are coming my way in 2010 I am committed to standing firm. I am happy and am resolved to be my personal best.

Off to enjoy a green smoothie and figure out how much fun I can have playing in the snow!

til again,

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