Saturday, February 23, 2008

Another storm?

My darling husband just reminded me of the wonderful "Mario" music of the weather channel and how we listen/watch to see when the next storm is going to come. It's quite hilarious to think we're even laughing about the weather. Boring lives? Not likely. Strange sense of humor? For sure!

Back on program for me. the week was not great for me. I've been reminded that I need a program that is truly mine; what works for me. So, I continue to sculpt my calendar; changes my days as I can; and find ways to make it work. The goal never changes: lose 5 lbs each month until I get to my desired size. Simple!

Good food choices today; great balance.

Did some sweating; got my body moving!

Still working on my water but looks like my new "norm" is 3-500 ml bottles each day. This is great for week it's 4!

Sunday's are busy for me and tomorrow is no different. I'm looking forward to worship. The choir is singing "Wade In the Water" and I believe we all have lots of fun with it. The beat and tempo of this piece gets many of us "rockin'". lol

Off to finish up my day and head to bed earlier. No more mid-night's at the pc for me. Just need to get more quality sleep.

Take care..
Til again,

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