Saturday, February 16, 2008

My Saturday

Saturday is my day day to meditate and take stock of the previous week.

I did some nice lower body tai chi with my husband earlier. Great for strengthening balance and the quads. lol

So, today is for me. I will putter around my home, which I love; spend time with Nick, the love of my life; take time to pray and meditate and do some exercises.

Later tonight I'm going to a production of Anne of Green Gables that one of the local school boards is putting on. One of my voice students is in the chorus so I definitely want to be there to support her.

So far today:

bagel with low fat cream cheese and some mostly fruit jam
fruit cup with apple, pear and banana




Exercise: 20 min tai chi

Today is my day to shine...inside and out! How about you?

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