Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Mid week push

Wednesday is here and have I met my goals? Some yes, some not!

Tuesday's work got so busy that I ended up staying extra time. Some times this is not a problem but because of my teaching schedule I really needed to be out of there in good time. The bad side is that the time I needed in between functions did not happen. The good side, made extra tips and my payslip will show extra hours.

Today has been not much different. The restaurant has been really busy in the mid afternoon which means no more light shifts for me. It's really good for business just not so good for me. I really need to look at how I'm handling my time even more now.

Tonight I have 2 choirs...lots of energy needed and none to give...ouch!

Going to go take a cat nap and see what happens.

Til later,

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  1. energy. you make it. refresh, recharge, then charge,lol !! B-12 my fav