Thursday, February 21, 2008

End of the Week coming soon....

Well, this week has just moved merrily along and I feel like I wasn't even there. Sometimes life slips by too quickly for me.

I've been somewhat low this week. Doing any kind of exercise has been next to impossible. Got back up on the horse today and did 30 min. This is a really big step for me; a very important one! Inside, I've felt that if I couldn't do the whole 60 min then what was the point; I had failed. GRRR Now, my head says that's not so. Analytically I know this is not the case. Every bit of movement I do is beneficial. So why do I stumble like this? More life questions to ponder........

My meal planning is still going well. I'm limiting the extras and staying close to the "plan".

Work, students and choirs tonight will fill my day. All things I love. Tomorrow more of the same but instead of the choirs Nick and I along with some friends are going to a charity trivia night. Lots of fun!

For today